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What was born years ago, in 1992, in the heart of one man, to create an umbrella for Christian ministries and Christian ministers to keep their right as legal marriage officers when they move out of the mainline churches, later became a non profit organization in 2002 and developed into a theological seminary providing foundational Scriptural and theological teachings to upcoming evangelists and theological students in Southern Africa.  (Registered as a Non Profit Organization in 2002 nr. 017-206 NPO with the Department of Social Development, South Africa).

In his own words:  “Before we established an International University we were in business and ministry ourselves.  We soon understood that there are many challenges in life to overcome.  Our research was focused on community empowerment, theology and management.

This inspired us to develop a marketing plan, combined with Biblical principles and common sense to enrich, not only a few, but our students, candidates, believers and the university for the purpose of evangelizing the world.  Jesus Christ said this gospel must be preached, (published) to all nations and then the end will come...

We need billions of preachers and teachers and other ministries to accomplish this.  How do we train them within a short time?  Through multiplication... 7 loaves of bread fed more than 4000 people…  Forgive 7 times 7 within one day…  777 the number of perfection.”

His dream and vision was to provide sound Biblical theological studies to upcoming Christian leaders at as low a financial cost as possible, especially to those from the continent of Africa but also globally virtually via internet.

In the process he invited partners from around the world to help in Africa to offer affordable degree courses to disadvantaged communities.

Students from the USA and the UK were invited to sponsor a student in Africa.  Bible schools, churches and business were invited to join as partners and receive discount for enrollment of more than 5 students.  Government agencies were also welcomed to enroll staff from their departments.

Government Education was invited to apply for International Accreditation if they were willing to adjust to international standards and globalization without economic and cultural boundaries.   NWMD International University believed globalization to be an all-encompassing phenomenon with implications in every field of study.  Red tape and restrictions won't meet the need of the suffering world at all.  What was needed was to open up education and development to everyone now!

NEW WORLD MISSION DUNAMIS UNIVERSITY offers the highest quality of study opportunities at the most affordable prices for students out of Africa on the market today. For more than 20 years we have provided superior service to our customers and have assisted them in achieving their goals. Our years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as one of the most affordable virtual universities available.

Our Values


 At NEW WORLD MISSION DUNAMIS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, you receive the kind of quality and service you expect from a leader. Our company is always evolving as the needs of our customers change and as new opportunities are created in the market. You can rest assured that, working with NEW WORLD MISSION DUNAMIS UNIVERSITY, you will enjoy the latest services, technology and developments in the industry.


We make it our responsibility to know you and your business. We work closely with you to ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to meet your unique needs and challenges. We are committed to your success.

Customer Relations

At NEW WORLD MISSION DUNAMIS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, our highest priority is satisfied customers. You are important to us and you can expect us to go the extra mile for your business.  Superior customer service is the hallmark of NEW WORLD MISSION DUNAMIS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY. We are proud to serve you and work hard to earn your business



An international university based in Africa

Global Education as never before.

NWMD International University often said that they were a seminary for your head, your heart, and your hands. They might be a new online University, but for more than 20 years New World Mission Dunamis University has worked to make sure this is not just a slogan but also a guiding commitment.  A seminary education is not just simply personal, spiritual or intellectual development.  They believe a degree from NWMD University to be more than an open door to career advancement; it is preparation for ministry.  It is not just about you; it is about God and what God is doing through the church.  They believe you don't pursue a seminary degree to improve your status but to be God's servant.  Seminary education is not an end in itself but a means to an end of engaging this culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

NWMD University is open to men and women who want to prepare to be servants of Jesus Christ in the many and varied settings to which God calls them. But they are quite intentional about preparing people for ministry, formal or informal, professional or lay.   NWMD University is an institution of the church and its mission.  Specifically, NWMD University is a seminary for the Evangelical, Pentecostal- Charismatic part of the Body of Christ, but they intend to serve the whole Body or Church of God and, in fact, have students and faculties from many different Christian traditions and denominations.  They share with the whole Church the mission of reaching all men and women with the gospel.

New World Mission Dunamis International University was born in the heart of the man, Louis de Bruin.  And through his passionate work over these more than 18 years, he created a network  of ministries, churches, colleges, theological seminaries and universities who trusted the integrity and Biblical soundness of the studies done at this online university to obtain a theological diploma or degree.

For more than 4 years NWMD International University now has been the online platform and vehicle for hundreds of theological students and Christian leaders in all spheres of ministry, especially from the continent of Africa, to obtain the necessary knowledge and know-how to minister more effectively to their congregations, ministerial groups and surrounding communities at a very low financial cost.

And that is why, over their years of existence, NWMD International University already has partnered and shared mutual accreditation with many other international acclaimed bodies and universities.  Bodies like

  • The International Theological Seminary of California (U.S.A.)
  • The Western Cape Campus of NWMD International University with Dr. Piet Truter (PhD) as its director
  • NWMDIU is also now connected and affiliated with the Indian Management Academy (IMA) with Dr. Singh as their Rector.  This gives our students the opportunity to further their studies in India in Business Management, and very soon also in other faculties of this Academy.
  • Full Accreditation from CANUS, The International University in 2005
  • Local affiliation with Butterworth Revival Center, registered with The Department of Education South Africa and ACE, South Africa
  • In 2008 affiliated with the Trinity International Bible University
  • Was registered as a non-profit-organization in 2002 by the Department of Social Development, South Africa, with registration number: 017-206 NPO
  • Has been listed with Local Government since 1992
  • Affiliated with DNA Health Centre in 2007
  • Accreditation by DDAA (Dunamis Degrees Accreditation Association)
  • The three partner campuses of the NWMD International University in South Africa are at Pretoria, Welkom and Wellington in the Western Cape (accredited by the DDAA)
  • SETA assessed registration : NHA Reg.#GPAA011 - SETA assessed (A. J. Grobler)

  • Prof. Louis M. de Bruin himself is a member of The International Network of Christian Ministries & College of Bishops Congress- affiliated to the African American Pentecostal Bishop's Congress in the USA and registered as a wellness consultant by D.N.A. Health Centre.  He, together with Prof. Bert Grobler of DNA Health Centre and Partners, opened the World of Education with more and better choices to every student, providing accredited, self-study material and classes in Pretoria aimed at efficient Community Development.

Accreditation for Study material, Class presentations, Research AND the International Code of Ethics- is 100% in place.   And the International Code of Ethics for Education Providers are been followed.



Louis M. de Bruin, President;  Me. Francina. E De Bruin, Secretary;  Dr. Godwin Booysen;  Pastor Isaac Ponti Mosia.


 President: Prof. Louis Mathys de Bruin

Prof. Louis M. de Bruin,  Dr. Piet Truter,  Prof. Willem Dippenaar,  Prof. Henry D. du Plessis,  Prof. Gerald Snyman,  Prof. Fr. George Gonzalez (U.S.A.),  Prof.  Ben Booyens (Transworld Radio),  Mrs. Francine de Bruin ,  Dr. Godwin Booysen,   Pastor Maria Ngake – Principal, Welkom,  Prof. Bert Grobler,  Prof. Keith C. Harrington,   Dr. I.M.Simelane,   Dr. J.J. de Bruin,   Dr. A.J. Booyens,   Pastor Dr. Koos Booyens,   Dr. Joseph M. Abramse and Pastor Philip Messelaar.


Francine De Bruin


President: Prof. Louis M. de Bruin,  Secretary: Dr. Godwin Booysen,  Directors:  Me.Francina.E De Bruin, Prof. K.C. Harrington,  Prof. I.M. Simelane,    Dr. J.J. De Bruin,  Dr. Piet Truter and Dr. Willie Dippenaar.


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