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Here are some of the study programs we’ve compiled to empower you.

These programs below will be updated, upgraded or changed without prior notice to be in line with constant revelation and the flow of the Holy Spirit, and the needs of students.


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Here is the latest letter from one of our Alumni, Graduate Benjamin Bizimana in Mozambique who graduated with us for "BACHARELATO EM LETRAS-COMUNIDADE E DESENVOLIMENTO"

“Good news Prof

I have got the Equivalence for my Bachelors Degree from the Minister of Education and culture here in Mozambique.

It made me happy to show that our University School is really accredited internationally and recognized- this made many students here believe that what I used to tell them is true.

God bless your Work.

Benjamin Bizimana”


We invite partners with accredited quality course programs from around the world, to join us and help us in Africa to offer affordable degree courses to disadvantaged communities.

This International University was born within the church to extend service to believers from every Bible believing church in Africa and around the world.

Will my qualification be acceptable overseas?

The certification & degrees accredited by DAYSPRING CHRISTIAN UNIVERSTITY are well respected overseas, and most foreign institutions will admit our graduates to further studies. However, each institution is sovereign with respect to which applicants it admits, so no institution, employer or ministry —local or international—is obliged to admit a graduate (or, for that matter, a graduate from any other institution).

Does my denomination recognize the qualification?

There are a number of denominations currently enrolling students at this INETERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (SA) for their theological studies. You will need to contact the head of your denomination in order to find out if the degree is sufficient for their denominational requirements. This INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY does not ordain ministers because ordination should be done by your denomination after a probation period and when you have met your church’s requirements.

(For National programs -  training in SETA Accredited unit standards, is only available from our partners with Service Level Agreements like: Ikhono Funda Training or Future Performance Training, but they have their own system, classes, course or training fees and issue their own certifications. We might refer your application to them according to your request so that you can communicate with them further.


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